🎮Game Overview

FootDex will be one of the most comprehensive football management games ever created, designed as a play-to-earn game for everyone who loves football and wants to earn token reflections and NFT while managing their own football team.

To start the game you only need to own 1 NFT corresponding to a football team. You can buy them on FootDex Marketplace or through the NFT box opening. Each NFT will have a certain rarity. The higher the rarity, the greater the power.

FootDex is a game that lets you play as the manager of a community-driven, multiplayer soccer team in which players can choose from a variety of play styles. In a vast, open-ended game universe, play as a manager, dealer, club owner, stock trader, speculator, or any combination of those. this with thousands of players. Experience a vibrant football economy powered by blockchain technology, providing you with complete realism, property ownership and ultimate control.

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