🏐Introduction to FootDex

The Football industry is a continuously growing market, and its growing trend is visible internationally. However, the introduction of new technology and development of infrastructure falls behind the size of the market, which has already grown quite a bit.

FootDex Betting

Sports betting is a massive industry with over US$2tn wagered every year, yet it is highly fragmented and characterised by high fees and poor user experiences. FootDex was created to fix this.

In the regard, FootDex will use real-life blockchain technology to provide compensatory communities such as NFT Football games, NFT Martketplaces, Stadium, FootDex additionally operates frandchises and sports goods sales to provide platform services that can be easily accessed offline. In all services provided by Football Decentralized, The FootDex Token (FBD) can be used. $FBD Token accquired as reward from activities within the FootDex ecosystem can be exchanged to FootDex Tokens (FBD), or can be used directly to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem.

FootDex Game

FootDex aspires to be one of the most popular virtualized soccer games, based on blockchain technology, that draws millions of fans of soccer, NFT, and play-to-earn games.

FootDex will be designed as a humorous and thrilling play-to-win game for football fans. We combine Blockchain and Creativity to bring together millions of followers from across the world and turn unique ideas into reality in the virtual world. Because all actions in FootDex are founded on smart contracts, our core team will produce the most fair-play game ever.

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