đŸ’ŧHow to Betting?

Start Betting

In order to place bets users will need to do so at a Frontend openrators (a betting service) which utilizes FootDex's decentralized betting solution.

To start betting on apps powered by FootDex protocol one will only need to have a Web 3.0 crypto wallet such as Metamask or others alike. Bets on the front-end operator's platform will initially be available in stablecoins. The user will need to connect his wallet to the web-app of any front-end operator to start interacting. All activities like betting or liquidity provision are on-chain just like on other DeFi applications.

To place a bet a user will need to choose among events available on the front-end operators platform. Betting will be very easy as one will only need to adjust the amount he wants to place a bet with and tap on the outcome of the event he has chosen to bet on. A confirmation slip will pop-up that will summarise the bet after which the bettor will need to confirm the transaction in his wallet.

The Ability Of Mining

A miner can also stake in order to add new blocks to the network. Making a refundable deposit to verify that you have invested in the benefit of whatever you're mining off is what staking is all about. SIMPLE & SAFE Staking is simple and risk-free. It is far more effective against assaults with a financial cost. Aside from that, betting requires only it and not much expertise. The process is to purchase coins on the market and deposit them. This raises the value of coins in your digital wallets.

How to Betting?

Bet on FootDex by staking your desired amount of Tokens or NFTs to one of the pools we have created.

Events on Front-ends deployed on the FootDex protocol are usually initialized 3-5 days before the match or the game. They are initialized via oracles which deliver data to the protocol level. FootDex protocol will initially have the following sports available to front-end operators' platforms: Football

New leagues and events will be added later via initiatives and DAO voting. Some leagues expected to be considered are:

  • England

    • Premier League

    • Championship

    • FA Cup

  • Spain

    • La Liga

  • Italy

    • Serie A

  • Portugal

  • Germany

    • Bundesliga

  • France

    • League 1

  • Russia

    • Premier League

  • Netherlands

    • Eredivisie

  • UEFA

    • Champions League

    • Europa League

  • FIFA

    • World Cup 2022

    • World Cup Qualifiers

    • Confederations Cup

    • League of Nations

FootDex protocol will have the following Markets available for the front-end operator's platforms. They are initialised via oracles which deliver data to the protocol. New markets will be added later via initiatives and DAO voting.

  • Full-time result

    • Team 1 win

    • Draw

    • Team 2 win

  • Full group result

    • 1st Team

    • 2nd Team

  • Personal title

    • FIFA The Best

    • Golden Glove

    • European Golden Shoe

    • FIFA Ballon d'Or

The rewards will be shared equally among all those who have supported those pools and of course they will be made public for all to know.

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