🛄Metaverse Game

The entire simulation will be available,as near as you can go to really executing the job, a simulation game that is unrivaled. Take command of the world's best sports teams and play the most beautiful games your way to get the closest thing to becoming a real manager.

FootBall Decentralized is a dynamic, breathing metaverse gaming environment with unrivaled realism and football authenticity that other football games can only dream to.

FootDex's professional world will be meticulously modeled and reconstructed to provide you with all of the management power and resources you'll need to write your own football story and live out your goals. Purchase the players you desire, make a list of the tactics you prefer. Take the awards you want. It's your club, your rules.


You have complete control over all critical choices, from designing your management style to selecting which teams to take over. Will you keep to the goals set out by the board, or will you try to persuade them to help you build something bigger? With the media watching your every step, how much of the job will you take on yourself or delegate to your backroom team? The crowd will be watching you closely...


Choosing a formation and giving a rousing team talk are just the beginnings of putting a play style into action. In training, you'll drill your players to support your footballing vision, which begins with the tactics board. Provide specific instructions on the role you want them to perform and how they can best interact as a team during all phases of the game to get your players on board immediately.

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