đŸ“ĻFootDex NFT

Football Battle is introducing an innovative way to Play NFT and Blockchain Game: "Stake to Play"

Users will need a small amount of $FBD to stake in order to participate in the game, we will also introduce different levels of Game's Features for different Levels of Staking.

This is a New Initiative as we are aiming to make $FBD a more universal and with greater application outside of regular Governance Utility like other NFT Games.

Simple put: You stake, earn some APY and enjoy the great game and also earn $FBD, rewards and build your NFT players collection !

NFT Football Team

With NFT football team, User will own the logo or flag of that team in the form of NFT ERC-721. They can be used for trading on NFT trading platforms and also on FootDex Marketplace. Users can receive Airdrop Tokens if that team gets certain achievements

NFT Football Player

Football players will be simulated as 2.5D images. They will be a variety of NFTs of varying value and rarity. Owning a soccer player NFT helps you support your favorite player. They will be used in our next game. Owning them will also receive benefits when the player achieves individual titles in the matches or tournaments in which he participates.

With FootDex's ecosystem and our gaming platform on Metaverse, we will soon have these NFTs traded on NFT trading platforms like OpenSea, Binance NFT...

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